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Why Global IPv6 Training?

GlobalIPv6 trainers have a minimum of 10 years training experience. Our IT classes are designed for companies' personnel  to learn from real world training examples to assist them in day-to-day operations. Classes can be customized to exactly fit each customer specific training requirements.

IPv6 Training

Is your IT staff ready to implement IPv6 on your network? In due time the internet communication standard will migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. Your staff will need to know how to prepare this technology on your network's edge devices. Global IPv6 courses will give your staff the fundamentals and advanced knowledge to implement IPv6. We can also provide specific training based around your company's migration project.


Globalipv6 IPv6 Training Curriculum:

  • IPv6 Overview Course (One Day)
    • Lecture only
  • IPv6 Foundations Course (Four Day)
    • Includes hands-on labs
  • Advanced IPv6 Course (Four Day)
    • Includes hands-on labs
  • IPv6 Security Course (Four Day)
    • Includes hands-on labs
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Course (Five Day)
    • Includes hands-on labs


Globalipv6 Reference Sheet

The Globalipv6 reference sheet is a downloadable file designed to assist anyone learning IPv6.  The reference sheet includes IPv6 address types including Link-local, Global unicast and different multicast address types.  IPv6 header is covered discussing the different IPv6 fields making up the IPv6 header.  Both extension headers and ICMPv6 types are covered along with how they are used.

Download the IPv6 reference sheet IPv6_Reference_Sheet.pdf

IPv6 Certification

Network Associate
The Network Associate Certification is our entry level certification. This certification is achieved taking and passing the IPv6 Introduction course. When passed the student is recognized as having obtained a solid foundation IPv6 knowledge consisting of IPv6 addressing, subnetting, autoconfiguration, neighbor and router solicitations along with all ICMPv6 services.

Network Professional
The Network Professional Certification is our second level of IPv6 Certification. This certification is achieved after taking and passing the IPv6 Advanced course proving a student has an advanced knowledge of IPv6 consisting of advanced IPv6 routing protocols, MPLS, DHCPv6, Tunneling and multicasting services.

Network Expert
Then Network Expert Certification is our third and final IPv6 Certification. The Expert Certification deals with IPv6 security. After taking and passing the Expert Exam a student is recognized as having an advanced knowledge of IPv6 security along with Firewall, ACL and IPv6 hacking knowledge.

Cisco Training

Cisco training from Global IPv6 will prepare your staff to jump straight into setting up Cisco networks. Trainers at Global IPv6 have a minimum of 10 years experience teaching Cisco technical classes.  Courses can be specifically designed for your company's next implementation project. If you're interested in taking the Cisco exams or just to freshen up your skills then look no further than Global IPv6 for your training needs.