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The following are classes that GlobalIPv6 offers for training in "Internet Protocol Version 6" training program.  All five classes are offered through the training program and can be customized to meet any company's training needs.

The IPv6 Foundations course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of IPv6 while building a working foundation knowledge of IPv6. The class covers the basics of IPv6 addressing, including link-local, private and global unicast addressing.  During a migration its important to understand differences of Temporary and Public addressing and how different operating systems use each IPv6 address type.  Discussion of ICMPv6 protocol including Neighbor Discovery suite, Router Solicitations, Router Advertisements, and Redirects.  Hands-on tailored labs are used to re-enforce what each student learned during the lecture and designed to teach how to migrate learned topics.  Furthermore, IPv6 routing protocols are discussed and students configure Cisco routers for RIPng, OSPFv3 and iBGP / eBGP routign   A complete discussion of different IPv4-to-IPv6 migration techniques is included.  Since IPv4 is still widely used, you will learn different tunneling methods to communicate between different IPv6 networks over and IPv4 only network.

The advanced IPv6 class is designed for students that already posses introduction skills and have a solid foundation knowledge of IPv6.  You will gain a complete understanding of how to implement IPv6 using both interior and exterior routing protocols.  During the class you will configure BGP, MPLS, multicasting along with advanced OSPFv3.  Learn how to setup and configure different DHCPv6 servers and obtain addressing over both LANs and WANs.

The IPv6 security migration class offers hands-on training teaching the latest security issues related to IPv6. You will learn how to recognize and proactively mitigate IPv6 attacks by configuring both IPv6 Access-Control List (ACL) and creating firewall statefull rules. Hands-on labs will be used to re-enforce topics discussed during class. IPv6 hacking tools will be used to actively attack ACL and firewall configurations.

The IPv6 Internet of Things (IoT) course is designed for power companies, ISPs or vendors requiring foundation knowledge of how the power grid will interact with IPv6 objects.  This class covers the new IPv6 routing protocols used across both domestic and international power grids.  The IoT class is a hands-on five day training course teaching in-depth IPv6 routing and loop-free protocols.

For either classes please download the outlines and let us know if we can assist in your IPv6 training.