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Class Length:  Four Days

Course Overview

The advanced IPv6 class designed for students that already possess introduction skills and have a good foundation knowledge of IPv6. This hands-on course cocvers all you need to know about IPv6 migration and deployment strategies.  You will gain an understanding of how deploy IPv6 using both stateless and stateful auto-configuration techniques.  Configure Advanced OSPF, EIGRPv6, IS-IS and MP-BGP routing protocols.  Configure a live MPLS 6PE network while tunneling IPv6 over an IPv4 network. Discuss different IPv6 security vulnerabilities and current security issues.

Major Topics Discussed

  • DHCPv6 along with hands-on labs demonstrating deployment of DHCPv6 within a company's intranet.
  • Interior routing protocol EIGRPv6, OSPFv3 and IS-ISv6  in a real world lab deployment.
  • Exterior routing protocol BGP4+ and how it integrates with IPv4 along with its IPv6 deployment.
  • Configure an 6PE, MPLS network to forward traffic over an IPv4 ISP
  • Configure a mullticast network to route IPv6 traffic using IPv6 MLD and PIM-SM
  • Advanced deployment methods are covered using DS-LITE, NAT64, DNS64 and 6rd (Rapid Deployment).

Who Should Attend

  • Networking professionals who are migrating from an IPv4 to IPv6-based network environment and require a thorough understanding of how to implement IPv6
  • Professionals requiring the knowledge to implement both interior and exterior protocols for IPv6
  • IPv6 only and dual-stack methods of deploying IPv6 over an existing IPv4 backbone network using different tunneling and encapsulating technologies. MPLS and 6PE is discussed as a cost effective way to migrate any ISP for supporting IPv6 over their MPLS backbone.


  • IPv6 Foundations Course

Advanced Course Outline

Download course outline: Advanced IPv6 Outline